Guide to Europe onboard Holland America Europe

Guide to Europe onboard Holland America Europe

Holland America is one of the most popular crusing companies on the globe. Holland America Europe, started in 1873, features a number of 13 medium sized luxury cruise ships. These cruises sail around the globe. Holland America Euopre is known for its classy amenenties and features in most of the staterooms. Why not try these elements exclusive to Holland America Lines which are dedicated to offering secure, effortless, and attainable lodging?

It can be due to this which Holland America Lines are honored as a section of Carnival Corporation, which received the award of “Access to Freedom”.


Reserve a cabin having a privacy area. These ships provide a variety and array of personal cabins and balconies, preferred choices.

Cooking Classes

Join a cookery program. Numerous Holland America Europe ships come with a culinary arts center native to the countries they are visiting. The spot that serves classes, preparing presentations and food instructional classes.

Adore the art collection. These Cruise trips are better known for their exclusive works of art. Holland America Europe ships are all about old and new European inspirations. Please take a moment from the swimming pool or even the casino to enjoy these pieces. This ship has a personal, reservations-only dining area which includes the cuisine from the North-West.

Restaurants charge a humble additional fee, but they are worthwhile, particularly for a birthday celebration or anniversary bash.

Active Areas

All of the cruises possess specific play areas along with playthings, activities, arts and crafts, air hockey and much more. Fleet wide, you will discover a different teen center known as the Studio with screens and a party area. Most ships, in addition, have a peaceful outdoor area sequestered away on the leading terrace for teenagers known as the oasis and beach like setting including lounges.

Travellers are usually low key, and responsive to dressing — you will see plenty of tuxes and night time attire during the elegant night time. Though you will see many people taking walk laps around the Balcony Terrace, others benefiting from the ship’s fitness centers, plus some taking particular sports or shoreline adventures.

It includes a quite high repeat-passenger rate; numerous people you will see aboard could have traveled the world using the line before.

An Expertise:

Holland America Europe furnishes an all-around appealing cruise which has a feel of ancient day’s beauty. The comfortable facilities add plush home bedding and flat-panel Televisions with video players in every cabin. However the line continues to be re-tooling by itself to draw in younger travellers and families, still accommodates for elder people, and thus generally provides a calmer feel than various other popular lines. Family members vacationing are generally multigenerational. The line focuses on activities for the entire family. Many on-ship activities are geared to a family event fun or competition, particularly within the European regions.

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Your Tropical Holland America Caribbean Getaway

Your Tropical Holland America Caribbean Getaway

Holland American Caribbean offers one of the best services in the world by having elegant fleet of ships responsible for taking sailors and passengers across the great distances. The service inside the cruise is perfectly awarding and warm, always on time and never out of reach.

The gracious forms of service provided to guests is what has been able to define the success behind Holland America Carribean.Many people sailing by the cruise have readily admitted that the travel experience is more than a dream come true. With the elegance of its type and the modesty of speeds, their ships leave in the right schedules, with the right people and always in the right time.

Onboard Services

With your comfort and convenience in mind and at heart, their onboard services extend from the dining special request to the spick and span laundry services. Morning to evening, daytime to night, the service crew always keep an eye to all passengers to make sure their content is fulfilled in the most desirable way. From the chefs to bartenders and from the wine experts to waiters, all of guest attendants are professionally skilled to offer service with utmost modesty and humility.


Holland America Caribbean is divided in to three major categories. There is the southern Caribbean Cruise, the eastern Caribbean Cruise and finally the western Caribbean one. The Eastern Caribbean is mostly targeted to explore a number of places such as Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay. Other locations are the great San Juan, Philipsburg(also called St. Maarten), St.Thomas, and finally the cruise to north town also called B.V.I.

With the western Caribbean cruise, you will get a chance to discover one of the greatest Barrier cliffs in the world, the Belize. Experience the city of Costa Maya in Mexico Roatan in Honduras. Cruise to the fancy bay of Mahogany. On your cruise, take a trip to George town within the Carribean, as well as Half Moon Cay (featuring a children’s play ground). Finally, last but not least, take a stop to the United States of America in Key West, Florida.

The final cruise sails to beautiful areas such as Costa Rica, Arajestab in Aruba, and Bridgetown in Barbajos. Cruise to Bonaire (you’ll find strange water birds), a cruise to Dominica in Roseau (also nicknamed the nature island of the Caribbean), and a cruise to Curacao in Antilles and Puerto Limon in Costa Rica.


As long as any cruise is made, then security must be a priority. The case is no different for Holland America Carrribean. Every decision made by the crew must follow the basic rule of safety. Within Seattle, Washington on all the ships, there is a culture of safety throughout the cruise organization to make sure that the passengers enjoy their experience with ultimate safety.

Other significant features onboard the cruise ships include; very large and gracious statesrooms, private verandahs, panoramic scenes, teak decks, and casinos. The activities taking place are ultimately enriching for all people onboard. The sustainability of everyone is well looked at with the objective of delivering a lifetime’s service to guests.

Just like other esteemed companies, Holland America Caribbean has been able to fall with the trend and managed to maintain the safety of their services as well as promoting them in the ways favorable to all guests and to the business as a whole. You are very much welcomed aboard at the brilliant Holland America Caribbean. Realize this set of cruising reserved for the current generation. Though, there is no age barrier on experiencing these wonderful sights to behold.

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Holland America Alaska: Discover the State

Holland America Alaska: Discover the State

Holland America Alaska

An experience apart from the usual cruise lines of today, a full course of the best things that Alaska has to offer to avid travelers. The Holland America Line sets a high standard in all things related to cruise travel. Especially designed for those who wish to discover the true charm and grandeur of the far American northern lands, this cruise is special in all its details and experiences. A feeling of freedom and awe is laid upon those who embark in this epic adventure to see the wonders of the frozen Alaska. Beyond just being a way to discover this part of the world, Holland America cruise lines offer an experience never to be forgotten.


Alaska is one of the wildest and most impressive tourist destinations in the world and surely one of the best ways to discover it is from the water. From the deck of a beautiful cruise ship, breathing the cold and fresh air and taking the entire beauty one piece at a time, is the best way to enjoy. Definitely, the biggest and most popular attraction of Alaska are the glaciers. These awesome giants rising from the depth of the ocean and offering one of the best natural spectacles on Earth. The cruise line stops by some of the most spectacular glacier sights, leaving guests to discover everything there is about them.

Although hugely sought after, glaciers are not the only thing to see in Alaska, with magnificent wildlife and natural parks, charming small coast towns and inspiring cultural traditions, Alaska is one of the last natural frontiers for cruise tourists. Holland America Lines have a long tradition in opening these wonders to travelers, giving them the opportunity to see and feel first-hand what Alaska is all about. Beyond just visiting the destinations, the guests are invited to try everything and anything, from adventure activities to the most interesting traditional customs.

Cruise Lines

Apart from other cruise lines, these ships are rather intimate, offering a much more personal and intimate experience once aboard. With charming lodging, tons of activities and top of the art cuisine, there is everything one would need to feel just as home. While traveling through the impressive scenery of Alaska, make yourself at home and take everything in. From cooking classes to wine tasting to digital workshops and children activities, one can surely find something entertaining to do during the quiet hours. All these and much more make Holland America Lines a cruise experience like no other.

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MS Amsterdam cruising to Amsterdam

MS Amsterdam cruising to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the largest and beautiful cities in Netherlands. Its location makes it a beautiful tourist attraction centre in the world. For this reason a great number of people travel in and out of the city every day. This calls for an affordable and reliable means of transport in the city. The MS Amsterdam has turned out to be the most reliable and affordable ship to those who visit Amsterdam.

The MS Amsterdam embraces the technological changes which are taking place making the world to be a global village. This ship was built in the Fincantieri shipyard which is in Marghera, Italy. It blends itself with the latest technology including personalized touches making it a ship with a difference. The ship has come out strongly to gain competitive advantage ahead of other shipping agencies which have failed to embrace the changing technology in the highly competitive market.

Ship Artistry

Something worth mentioning is artistry embraced during construction of the ship. Travelers enjoy the services provided by the ship and the hospitality of employees. This has probably contributed to the high profits made through the ships services. Guests in Amsterdam enjoy the design which enables them to view the beauty of the world as they take photos. The digital cased window is of great importance more so to tourists because it enables them to not only tell but also show their vacation memories through recording videos.

Guests have the opportunity of not only learning how to share their digital memories via email but also blogging and social networking. This gives opportunity to family and their friends to see places they have been cruising without waiting to be at home. Microsoft trained technical experts have been very crucial in providing technical support to guests throughout their journey.

Through ms Amsterdam, the Holland America line has emerged as one of the highly rated cruise lines throughout the world.

Incredible and Memorable Voyage on MS Eurodam

Incredible and Memorable Voyage on MS Eurodam

Initiated her maiden expedition in the month of July, 2008, the MS Eurodam is measured as Holland America Cruise Line’s latest of signature-class ships. It furthers the advancement of the exclusive mid-sized ships with around 11 traveler decks, a Pan Asian bistro and a lounge enclosed by amazing views, an Italian restaurant adjoining to the Lido, magnificent jewelry boutique, new reception bar area, a superior and reconfigured lounge and also an innovative pictorial and imaging hub. Considering the technological part, the MS Eurodam consists of the most modern state-of-the-art course-plotting and security systems. The ship is power-driven by approximately six generators and impelled by the most recent Azipod driving force equipment.

Public Areas

The ms Eurodam is the Holland America Line’s biggest ship comprising of added public areas, cafe and compartments as compared to the other 13 ships within its fleet. It is unsurprisingly stunning, featuring a dark blue hull crowned along with white upper decks. It features an extensive diversity of new and innovative art, starting form Dutch Golden Age and heading towards modern America to Asian.

The gratifying welcome and responsive service by the crew members of the MS Eurodam actually keep the passengers pleased. The classy appearance of the ship with an enormous blend of tradition and modernism is the most striking aspect one can ever come across. The spanking new flower arrangement as well as the elevator doors enhance the brilliance of the overall ambiance of MS Eurodam. The only one of its kind in-room spa amenities of Holland America fleet engages the passengers for a few hours. The breathtaking amalgamation of onboard dusk music and amusement is what actually boosts the spirit of the teenagers.

Capture the Moment on MS Maasdam

Capture the Moment on MS Maasdam

The uniqueness of MS Maasdam leaves guests wanting to take another cruise again. It is easy to see why: while designing the MS Maasdam, the key was the importance of carrying fewer guests in order to provide more space as the first thing to keep in mind. This is reflected all around the ship.

Ship Theme

The attention to detail is also present all around you: a beautiful interior design and décor inspired in the classic companies in the dutch East and West India amidst the 17th and 19th centuries set the mood for a relaxing journey. Two abstract murals in the Rotterdam Dining Room, a museum-worthy collection of iron teapots and charcoal brazier of Japan from the Edo period provide a luxurious feel to the ambience, but the uniqueness of this ship is truly reflected on artist Luciano Vistosi’s “Totem”, a monumental glass sculpture, displayed in a vast, three-story court.

Beautiful Views

A breathtaking view on the outside of the ms Maasdam can only be matched with such a detailed and unique interior decoration of this grand ship. Keeping the importance of capturing these amazing views and moments lived in the MS Maasdam in mind, a Digital Workshop powered by Windows® will take place during the trip. Free workshops, led by true experts, designed to show even the most novice camara or computer user how to take advantage of the beauty surrounding them. This is done by taking better pictures, editing them, and even making movies to capture the experience through scrapbooks and sharing the images through social networks. Friends and family can see what is happening even before the journey is over.
Moments come and go, but the images we take are the memories that last forever. Check out three day cruises for a fun weekend getaway!

At MS Maasdam, recording great experiences are equally as important as creating these memorable experiences. Be sure to take home the fun, and capture the moment onboard the MS Maasdam!

Abroad on the MS Volendam

Abroad on the MS Volendam

MS Volendam of the Holland America line has an extensive range of facilities spruced up by state of the art technology making a journey on this ship an experience of itself.


The ship has ten decks. Four of them, the Dolphin Deck, the Main Deck, the Lower Promenade Deck, and the Verandah Deck have staterooms of varying sizes and tastes. The Verandah Deck has suites and the Navigation Deck has penthouse suites. It goes without saying that the staterooms and suites come equipped with all modern conveniences such as air conditioning, DVD player, flat screen TV that show first run films, and more.

The Lido deck, complete with two pools, two hot tubs, a whirlpool, spa and salons, a terrace grill, a bar, beauty parlor, massage and aerobics area and a state of the art fitness center provide for an array of activies to choose from. A special attraction is a giant chess set which kids particularly love.


The Lido Restaurant offers table service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A specialty of this restaurant is the availability of cuisines from all over the world, such as Filipino, Indonesian, Moroccan, Italian, Swiss and others. The restaurant showcases different cuisines each night. The Restaurant also provides Canaletto Italian Cuisine for those wanting to eat in an exclusive zone.

The Pinnacle Grill is the ship’s signature restaurant. The grill recreates New York’s Le Cirque restaurant in the evenings.

More choices of activities can be found on the sports deck dominated by tennis and basketball courts. The sky deck, which overlooks the sports deck is the highest deck in the ship and has a video arcade, a crow’s nest lounge that offers a stunning elevated view of the ocean and a club hall complete the facilities in this deck. This deck has retractable roof that can close in the eventuality of inclement weather.

The upper promenade deck is the nerve center of the cruise life. This deck has the Rotterdam Dining Hall, the main dining room, the lively and vibrant casino complete with a bar, an ocean and piano bar, the popular Explorations Café, the explorers lounge with library and internet access, a shopping arcade, boutiques, an art gallery with art auctions and a sea view lounge. Next to the explorers lounge is the meeting lounge.

Completing the deck, is the Balcony of the Frans Hall Lounge of the promenade deck. This is a popular spot for evening entertainment shows. The special activities offered depend on the theme of the cruise. Two popular themes of MS Volendam are Shakespeare at Sea and MacMania

Apart from the Frans Hall Lounge, the Promenade deck has the Wajang Theater and culinary arts center, wine tasting bars and gourmet shops, a photo shop and photo gallery, an art gallery, the cruise excursion office and the front office. Children feel at home with the supervised activities and dedicated play space at ClubHAL apart from the special kids cuisine offered at the restaurants.

The Lower promenade deck allows walking all the way round the ship and is popular with fitness enthusiasts completing laps.

The atrium of MS Volendam covers the lower promenade, promenade and upper promenade decks. A map at the atrium shows the location of the ship and the path of the cruise. A sculpture created by Luciano Vistosi spans the three decks and lends elegance to the atrium. The overall theme of the ship is flowers, with floral designs dominating the decks spruced up with works of art and antiques.

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Fulfilling One’s Dream Vacation, Ride The MS Westerdam

Fulfilling One’s Dream Vacation, Ride The MS Westerdam

The MS Westerdam is one of the latest Vista-class ships of the Holland America Line. It is equipped with the latest technological machinery that has been developed to provide efficient and environmentally safe output. It is powered by diesel and electricity that is believed to efficiently and optimally use energy to run the ship.


Like any cruise ship, the elegance of ms Westerdam is stunning. It boasts a collection of art from the Dutch heritage. The ship itself is a mixture of Dutch heritage and modern style, wherein guests would be able to notice a lot of painting and sculpture reminiscent of the Victorian and Renaissance era combined with modern ergonomics. The ship is also the home of the painting Half Moon by Henry Hudson, an Indian Palace wood door, a 5000-year-old carved limestone figures from Equador, Andy Warhol’s original portrait and other original art pieces.


All guests will enjoy the scenery on the deck of ms Westerdam. A relaxing fountain in the middle of the deck that is strategically encircled by tables and chairs, wherein guests can watch the sea.
The sun and the sky at their own pace. Hungry guests can choose from the array of restaurants that abound the ship. The Pinnacle Grill is for guests that seek an intimate, sophisticated and elegant dining experience. Guests should be reminded though that the Pinnacle Grill is a reservation-only restaurant. For those who want to have five course meals and fine wines, the Vista Dining Hall could provide those needs. For those who want to have meals at a place with relaxing ambience, then they should try Lido Restaurant. This restaurant serves fresh and cooked-to-order specialties.


Each stateroom in the MS Westerdam has been designed to ensure that guests could move around and not feel cramped. The rooms are Rennaisance inspired with a hint of modern ergonomics. There are about six types of room that guests can choose from. There is the Interior, Ocean View, Verandah, Superior Verandah Suites, Deluxe Verandah Suites and Penthouse Verandah Suites. All rooms are fully furnished. There are rooms that can accommodate around 6 to 8 persons.

Aside from good restaurants and private sanctuaries, MS Westerdam also has party lounges, nightclubs, play areas for kids and lounges for teens. For guests who enjoy watching variety shows, illusionists, dancers and singers, the Vista Show Lounge is good for them. For those who enjoy loud music and alcohol, then they should not miss visiting the Crow’s Nest.

The MS Westerdam has a passenger capacity of 1,916. It has a length of 936 feet and a beam of 105.8 feet. It runs at the maximum of 24 knots. Guests would definitely not get bored while staying in MS Westerdam’s public rooms such as the Atrium, Lido Pool, Fitness Center, Casino, Sports Bar, and more that will keep the guests busy all day and night.

Going on a cruise may be one of the best vacation trips someone could have. Aside from enjoying the first rate service of a ship, guests are also given a chance to visit different countries.

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Sail the MS Zuiderdam

Sail the MS Zuiderdam

Sail the MS Zuiderdam

Holland America would love to welcome passengers aboard the MS Zuiderdam, one of their finest cruise ships. Over 925 feet long, Zuiderdam is all about style and elegance, relaxation and entertainment, all of which is suitable for any type of vacation, whether single, couple, or family. Any type of trip is a trip we can handle. So let’s set sail and let our professional and friendly staff welcome and accommodate your needs while you are on your trip.

Whether by day or by night, Zuiderdam has much to offer. Some areas are exclusive to certain levels of passengers. For example, the luxurious Neptune Lounge is available only to passengers who have booked Deluxe or Penthouse Verandah Suites. In this lounge, you would have what you would normally expect in a lounge, but with sofas, work areas, a library, and a concierge to provide personal service.

Not all passengers obviously will be able to enjoy these high-end luxuries, but that doesn’t mean that our passengers won’t be enjoying themselves. There are several restaurants, although the Pinnacle Grill is reservations-only, where you can enjoy fine dining or perhaps you’d like to learn some cooking at our Culinary Arts Center, where lessons are taught and you can practice what you’ve learned alongside our chefs.


Perhaps a bit of gambling is your pleasure? This is for adults only, of course, but we feature a casino where you may try your luck at various games and quest for the jackpot. Perhaps a live event is what you’re after. The Vista Show Lounge features acts of different varieties: singing, dancing, comedy, magic, and other entertainers.

Going to a nightclub is hard to do out in the middle of the ocean but on Zuiderdam it is possible with the Crow’s Nest, where by day it is just a beautiful view and at night it is transformed into a nightclub where the dancing can go, go, go.

Kid’s Club

Children from ages 3 to 12 can enjoy Club HAL, which is our dedicated youth area, and supervision is constant. Club HAL features age-appropriate activities so the young ones never feel left out.

The Loft is an exclusive area for teenage passengers (13-17). We made this area special so teenagers could socialize among themselves in an area designed especially for them in look and feel.

Adult passengers can also relax in any of our other bars, pools above and below decks, get pampered at the Greenhouse Spa & Salon, where beautification is the goal. If the wining and dining has left you feeling heavy, we have a full gym available to get a workout in and combat some of those extra pounds that seek to work their way onto your body.

Drinking, dancing, dining, gambling, swimming, entertainment, relaxing, exercising, sleeping, shopping, surfing the net, it’s all included here on the MS Zuiderdam. Our courteous staff is in place to serve you at all times and is dedicated to ensuring that your vacation cruising with us is the best one you’ve ever had. Don’t delay any further, book your trip today and come aboard the MS Zuiderdam, one of many in the fleet of Holland America Line. Call or visiton the web at You’ll be glad you did.

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MS Zaandam: Holland and American travel cruise

MS Zaandam: Holland and American travel cruise

Experience heaven in the high seas as you cruise in the MS Zaandam. This awesome loyal cruise ship adorns unique and enchanting public rooms, private verandahs, classy staterooms, elegant accommodation facilities just to name a few features.

Ship Theme

The ms Zaandam offers the best shipboard atmosphere, usually musically themed. The interior shipboard décor is inspired by some of the world’s greatest music, memorabilia and artifacts from across the pantheon of music genres. Signed musical instruments from various renown dignitaries such as the Queen, Bill Clinton, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones and Iggy Pop have been used to decorate the interiors of this loyal cruise ship.


To make your voyage memorable this loyal cruise ship offers a broad spectrum of elegant indulgences and activities. Some of these include: state-of-the-art spa, top-notch luxury resort, pinnacle grill as well as a classy and modern salon. The combination of sophisticated styling, world class amenities and luxurious appointments are sure to guarantee you memories that will last your entire lifetime.


Experience extraordinary dinning in the world class reservation only Pinnacle grill. This facility takes pride in serving the most delicious Bvlgari® and the sterling silver beef. Your will also have two professional servers per table in this area who will ensure you do not lack anything. Our team of experienced staff is renowned for outstanding culinary skills and we are rated at an ‘A’ level. After a tasty and finger-licking dinner, quench your thirst with a glass of wine. We have a wide array of wine brands to select from and our selections have been rated ‘Excellent’ by wine spectator.

The MS Zaandam takes onboard entertainment to another level. The main lounge is usually the podium for award winning musicians, comedians, vocalists, percussionists, illusionists and various other entertainers.


If you are a sports fan, then you can enjoy practicing tennis and basket ball which have modern courts in this ship. Relax on the Promenade Deck with an afternoon cocktail as you enjoy the beautiful natural scenes.

At the heart of the MS Zaandam, is a unique signature sculpture that is suspended on the beautiful 3-story atrium. This loyal cruise ship features an amazing baroque style Dutch band organ that was inspired by the traditional barrel organs that are still found in the streets of Holland.

Ms Zaandam also adorns two state of the art swimming pools on the Lido Deck; that is the Aft pool and the Lido pool. The lido pool is sheltered in a retractable glass-domed roof while the Aft pool will offer you a magnificent view off the back of this amazing ship.

The culinary arts center will offer food lovers, epicureans and cooks memorable experiences. Overhead cameras and mirrors ensure you get first hand action on the available plasma screens of the intimate cooking classes.

For music and dance lovers the Crow’s nest will definitely keep you bumping. This facility has a professional DJ and a spacious dance floor. You can also keep yourself entertained at the ocean bar and the piano bar with the sensual piano tunes. Relax and unwind at the Explorer’s lounge as you sip the uniquely prepared coffee drinks.

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Style and Comfort onboard the Ms Veendam

Style and Comfort onboard the Ms Veendam

Have you ever dreamed of the most perfect vacation onboard a massive cruise ship with all of the luxury you could ever fantasize about? The MS Veendam, the most incredible ship on the Holland America Line, is now open for reservations. You can now embark on the vacation you have always wanted! With all of the classic amenities in one extraordinary setting, you will never choose to cruise with any other line.

There are so many reasons why taking a vacation are almost a necessity. Sure, you could travel the wilderness on a safari or stay on a hot, crowded beach with thousands of other tourists. You can sit amongst some of the finest people in the world in one of the most massive cruise liners on the market. You can do this while enjoying activities that are invigorating for the nights and relaxing during your days. There are so many different cruises that you can choose from, so why not get a glimpse of what it is to be a celebrity.

A Great Retreat

This cruise will offer you the style and comfort that you deserve for this retreat. It has a selection of dining rooms and state rooms, spa luxuries, and activities; while interlaced with incredible space in the cabins and verandas. There is no other cruise ship out there that can offer you the comfort that the recently updated areas will bring you. The motto is the Signature of Excellence, and this cruise line will surely exceed any expectations that you may have.

Incredible Facilities

This is a cruise liner that is appropriate for family members of all ages. There is a youth room, spa facilities and a number of different restaurants that will suit your taste. There are workshops and activity rooms, helping to bring the family together on this outing. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, the Signature of Excellence will leave a permanent imprint on your memory for this momentous occasion. Truly, this is the perfect ship for all needs.

If you are new to cruising, visit the website and get very useful information on this popular form of travel. You will see an incredible slideshow exhibiting gorgeous photos of the MS Veendam. However, there is no better way to experience the majestic feel of being aboard this ship than to actually take the opportunity to embark on this getaway. Taking a cruise will be one of the most gratifying decisions of your life, and you deserve to have this special time.

Don’t hesitate to book a vacation now, before the peak seasons roll around. Enjoy the comforts and luxuries that you so badly need and deserve but haven’t taken the time to embark on. Bring your family on for an exciting travel on the high seas, and spend the time away from the chaos of the everyday. You will not regret your decision to travel on the MS Veendam, which is literally one of the world’s most incredible cruise liners.

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Cruising on the ms Ryndam: The Ultimate Luxury

Cruising on the ms Ryndam: The Ultimate Luxury

When it comes to taking a cruise, there are a few things to consider. You want to make sure that the ship that you will be staying on is safe, luxurious, and convenient. Holland America cruise lines does its absolute best to provide travelers with a wonderful experience. When you stay on the MS Ryndam, that is exactly what you will get.

Very Spacious

The MS Ryndam is one of the most spacious and luxurious cruise ships that you will encounter. It has recently been enhanced so that it is now endowed with huge proportions. You will definitely have all the room you need to relax and stretch out so that you can truly enjoy your vacation, which is the most important aspect of taking a cruise in the first place. Some of the recent upgrades include soft goods as well as brand new fixtures in the bathrooms and also in the staterooms. In many of the staterooms, travelers will enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean as well as a great deal of personal space.

Public Spaces

Additionally, the public spaces have been remodeled. The lounges have been updated, and the MS Ryndam features a new entertainment destination called Mix. With three unique bars, Mix has something to offer for everyone and is the perfect place for travelers to socialize and unwind on the cruise. This includes Champagne, a venue that focuses on anytime celebrations and mid-day mimosa; Martinis, which focuses more on martinis and cocktails; and Spirits & Ales, where you can go to enjoy sports, microbrews, and single malts.


The MS Ryndam also includes The Showroom at Sea, a nightclub where you will be sure to be entertained. Enjoy one of the world class performances with your friends and family. Also, there are modern spa amenities in the new Spa suites and staterooms. Relax with your iPod in the iPod docking station or simply enjoy a glorious spa treatment from the Greenhouse Spa and Salon. On the MS Ryndam, there is always something to do, whether you are looking to be entertained or simply to relax.

In addition to all of these activities, the MS Ryndam offers a Digital Workshop, where travelers will be able to learn and explore the areas of digital photography, scrapbooking, blogging, digital videos, and social networking. You might even find that this vacation revitalizes you to the point where you can feel motivated and productive and you’re willing to learn new skills. If so, this is the place for you.


Maybe you simply want to enjoy the artistic and architectural value of the MS Ryndam, which features art and artifacts from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. With an elegant string quartet playing in the Rotterdam Dining Room and also the impressive fountain created by sculptor, Gilbert Lebigre, travelers will have the opportunity to appreciate art while on their cruise. That’s something you might not get with other cruise ships.

Whether you want to relax, learn something new, appreciate art and entertainment, or experience a vital social nightlife, the MS Ryndam will have something to offer you and is worth considering for your next vacation.

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MS Oosterdam An Insider’s Look

MS Oosterdam An Insider’s Look

In 2003, our second series of Vista-class ship was christened the MS Oosterdam by Princess Margriet who is the Royal Highness of Netherlands. The ship has been built with the latest state of the art in terms of environmental and industrial technologies, as evidenced by the fact that within it there is a diesel-electric power generation plant. This not only provides it with favorable energy efficiency, but also an Azipod propulsion mechanism giving it maximum maneuver ability.

Cruising Around the Globe

Within the MS Oosterdam, is a superb centerpiece of Waterford crystal globe. It is uniquely displayed in a 3-story atrium. This masterpiece art is a symbol of history for Holland America Line cruising around the globe for about 140 years now. To our first time customers, they will quickly fall in love with Holland America’s traditions and hospitality. They will get to experience the beautiful welcoming ambiance of the design of our ship. As it has fantastic artwork, flower arrangements, antiques, inviting palette of colors that highlights on extensive usage of marbles, brass, crystals and inlaid woods and last but not least a deck having full wraparound of teak accompanied with deck chairs with padding.

Digital Workshop

In order to capture the scenic beauty experienced in Holland America cruises, for purpose of memory. We provide technicians from Digital Workshop an affiliate of Windows®, who will give free lessons to our guest onboard MS Oosterdam on how to make good vacation pictures, movies, editing of photos and even creating a scrapbook. All these using Windows Live and Microsoft Windows services, so that you capture and store all the exciting experience on board the MS Oosterdam. Even those new to camera and computer usage will become experts under the guidance of Microsoft-trained experts. In addition to capturing the images, training will also include how to share the digital photos and video via email, social networks and blogs. In order that your family and friends can also get a glimpse of where you have been cruising even before you return home to share your experiences with them.

For about 140 years of cruising around the globe, we take great measure to ensure the security of our guest and staffs both on board our ships within our Washington and Seattle headquarters. The design and equipment of ours ships meets good security standards. In addition to this we hire the right security people, give them ongoing training, as well as conduct rigorous drills and exercises to sharpen up on the training. There is also a regular audit and inspection on our safety and security standards both on board and off board the ships. We comply with multiple governmental authorities and regulatory systems that oversee our safety operations. Being a guest on board MS Oosterdam, one should rest assured of your safety and security.

The Holland America cruiselines adhere to their values and missions uniquely tailored to guarantee customer satisfaction and comfort. As they strive to follow the following missions and values that focus on performance and achieving high results, they are committed to excellent services. They do not compromise on honesty, ethics and integrity. They embrace team work and always strive to embrace improvement, innovation and change.

MS Rotterdam

MS Rotterdam

Cruise ships are passenger vessels used for pleasure-voyages, where the trip itself including the ship’s-amenities are included to the grand experience, alongside with the various destinations-along the way. Transportation is not naturally the main objective. As cruise ship operates principally on routes that return-passengers to their originating-port, so the ports-of-call are usually in a specified region of the continent.

Atlantic Flagship

MS Rotterdam is the sixth Holland-America Line vessel to have or bear the-name, and it is also 1 of the 2 Atlantic-flagships of the fleet. It was constructed in Italy in 1997.

Introducing the latest addition to lineage of standard cruise ships, MS Rotterdam. Your cruise experience would be perfectly defined as luxurious, classy and elegant, with artsy public areas to look forward to. Not to mention the Signature of Excellence scenes, astonishing features and remarkable amenities. Nothing can compare to ones remarkable experience on board. The passengers will definitely enjoy the elegant dining quarters that the ship has to offer with exquisite and delectable food and the hand-picked wines ready for superb nights to come.

Decks and Staterooms

If you are up for lovely paintings and a fan of antique this ship carries $2 million worth of this. With a large teak decks and roomy staterooms, sufficient numbers to choose from together with private verandas. The staterooms are improved with lengthened varieties the passengers that can choose from. Anyone would be at awe to this wonderful ship.

The MS Rotterdam guarantees the passengers the top on the line experience with her mishmash of classy and elegant cruise liner quality with the state of the art facilities.

Lanai staterooms are their latest innovation, offering sliding-glass doors leading to the walk-around Lower-Promenade deck. Spa staterooms are found near the classy Greenhouse and the Salon with great spa features. The resort style pool-experience offering a stylish poolside amenities and guest satisfaction. Their bar is in full swing choosing from overflowing champagne from mid-day to siesta time in the afternoon. Superb Martinis for the grey goose cocktails that would surly entice your appetite for more martini flights. If sports and malts beer is what you want then come and relax with Spirits and Ales, nothing beats a good beer! Planning to party the night away? Then let go at The Showroom by the Sea, it’s a chic nightclub for all ages, no doubt about its world class entertainment. How about going Italiano? Here you can enjoy the finest Italian food on board and the perfect wine to go with it, Ah! Bellicima! Lido Restaurant not only caters good food but guest satisfaction as well.

So there you have it, a world class ship with world class amenities with a world class crew, what else could you ever ask for? Would it very nice to get from one country to another in a great cruise liner? The MS Rotterdam is all that and more, not need to look and waste your time on several cruise ships, with the MS Rotterdam can certainly give you all that. Just relax enjoy the ride and have fun!

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Encounter Enjoyable Cruises with MS Prinsendam

Encounter Enjoyable Cruises with MS Prinsendam

Ms Prinsendam is carefully designed to explore the distant corners in this globe in style and elegance. Being the most intimate ship in Holland America routes, it offers its guests the feeling of an exceptional yacht. Having the comfort spaciousness of cruise ship and accommodating 835 passengers, it comes with various cozy places whereby you get to visit your favorite spots. These include many of her staterooms features fitting with ocean views and personal verandahs.


Its unique signature sculpture controls the three-tale atrium characterizing of etched fish, dolphins and turtles climbing the eye-catching Bolle glass cylinder and lit with the state of art fiber optics. Other of its works entails its remarkable Viking ship abstract marble sculpture done by the modern Norwegian artist: Nicholas Widerberg. These series of paintings are performed by impressionist painter: Neil Pinkett and the reknown collection of Roman Amphorae between 50 and 150 AD. The Ms Prinsendam is sincerely a classic ship just per her name.

Every guest or visitor has the chance to a Grand Voyage aboard its special services. Give it a good trial now as you will get an opportunity to circumnavigate South America, sail through Mediterranean, or visit the iconic cities via Europe and Black Sea or make a fuss in Caribbean tranquility.


Below are some of its features:
– La Fontaine Dining Room
Featuring impeccable services and elongated wine list. This has got five course menus entailing continental cuisine, low-carb and vegetarian alternatives.

– Pinnacle Grill
The intimate reservations only venue gives a stylish and admirable dining experience. It includes premium Sterling Silver beef, various select wines and inspired seafood dishes.

– Lido Restaurant
It gives a comfort ambiance for entire three meals and characterizing various fresh, and cooked into order specialties.

– Culinary Arts Center which is presented by Food and Wine Magazine
Ms Prinsendam has the state of art demonstration kitchen giving lessons for cooking which are taught by culinary guests or Master Chefs.

– Explorations Café which is controlled by New York Times
This gives a luxurious coffee house environment whereby you can do various things via extensive library, check email or surf the internet, or just read the morning paper.

– Greenhouse Spa & Salon
This contains wellness rituals and heavenly beauty. Have an enjoyment of hot stone massage, facial, steam in a thermal suite and other services like having hair or nails done well for a unique evening.

– Queen’s Show Lounge
This features talented dancers, vocalists, comedians, illusionists, and several acts. So, the Ms Prinsendam is well known for its graceful middle-sized ships with a huge amount of individual space.

Ms Prinsendam is a spacious Prinsendam giving a cherished experience with indulging service for the entirety of its passengers. Being elegant and warm, the ship is awash in abundant natural light, teak decks, commissioned art works and intriguing antiques.

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